Congratulation Winner of 3 Minutes Academic Championship


Higher education is a high-level teaching where at this level of education students not only choose faculties and majors according to their interests and abilities but can also determine student careers after graduating from campus. In accordance with the National Education Standards related to student academic achievement is one of the important things in improving the quality of students and campuses, based on this it is necessary to hold academic competitions to update student knowledge and can motivate students to study harder for success in their studies and their future . As an effort and effort to produce graduates who are ready to compete and excel in competition in the world of work and the business world in the national and international scope is one of the characters that want to be formed since students are still studying. In accordance with the Vision and Mission of Higher Education, it is necessary to hold a 3M-Academic Competition activity where the activity is a competition that will be held between STIE IBS Indonesia in collaboration with UiTM Malaysia, which aims to increase student competence in the academic field and strengthen ties of kinship between the two countries.

This competition will be held virtually by involving STIE IBS students and UiTM students, and will be divided into 4 sessions where participants are given time to explain questions raised by the committee or the judges of the sessions.

Through the 3 Minutes Academic Competition, with judges and participants from IBS and UiTM. The implementation of this academic competition aims to improve the ability and update of students’ knowledge in competing internationally, increase the sense of brotherhood and kinship between students and provide experience to students as a provision to compete in the world of work at the international level.



Dr. Ahmad Adriansyah, ST., M.Si,
Ossi Ferli ST., SE., MSM.

Mr. Syamsul Samsudin
Mr. Oswald Timothy Edwards.
1st Place : UiTM A

Najwan Hafiz Azhan
Muhammad Faris Syaqil
2nd Place : UiTM B

Muhammad Syafiq Mahidin
Harisa Nabila
3rd Place : IBS B

Kania Oktavia Wibowo
Siti Jumiyati