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The Role of the UN in Maintaining Economic & Social Stability in the Asia Pacific During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Asia Pacific region plays an important role in the transition period for a sustainable future of economic and social development. In the SDG’s concept, there are 3 main pillars, namely, the social pillars consisting of: equity, health, education, security and housing. While the economic pillars are: Economic Structure, Consumption and Production Patterns. The Environmental Pillars are: Atmosphere, Land, Coastal and Sea, Clean Water and Biodiversity. Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, UNESCAP will continue to play an active role in encouraging the implementation of various global and regional agreements, particularly theSustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The impact of the corona virus disease on aspects of social sustainability is not limited to SDG 1 (No poverty) and SDG 2 (No hunger), as well as aspects of universal educational attainment; improve gender equality and empower women, reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, eradicate HIV, malaria and other diseases. Ensuring environmental sustainability. and developing global partnerships for development and population. In addition, a pandemic teaches us to continue to strengthen the socio-economy in the sense that the economy continues to run, it is hoped that GDP (Gross Development Product) will also continue to accelerate even though the acceleration is slowing down, by always maintaining environmental sustainability as a source of production for economic activity. Inequality and uncertainty in the future as a result of this 19 covid also lead to employment issues(employment).Efforts to reduce the spread of covid 19 in Indonesia through PSBB, transitional PSBB or tightening community activities such as PPKM, etc. 

It has an impact on economic activity, especially the real sector, the impact on the workforce is very pronounced. Millions of people have no income security, no insurance for unemployment or compensation for illness and the savings they have are very limited, so their living conditions will be exacerbated by the pandemic. Therefore UNESCAP will continue to encourage social and economic stability in the Asia Pacific, especially with the continued support of SDG’s, pushing GDP growth, reduce unemployment(unemployment)and still reduce poverty(proverty),according to SDG’s pillars. This will be explained by Prof. Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana, SE., MA, Ph.D, as Executive Secretary of ESCAP.