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“Designing a Digital Technology-Based Startup Ecosystem to Contribute to the Development of the National Economy”

Nowadays changes in the business environment are happening more rapidly. Shifting technology, digitization, consumer behavior and natural conditions are some of the dynamics of the business environment that require business people to be able to move more creatively and innovatively. Extraordinary conditions such as the Covid-19 Pandemic and its impact on shifting patterns of community life have increasingly amplified these challenges, demanding business people to move more agile. Collaborative economies were then appointed as an alternative solution, where various interested parties help and share in an ecosystem in order to strive for common prosperity.

GK Plug & Play is here to take a role in these Collaborative economies with its efforts in designing a digital technology-based startup ecosystem. GK Plug & Play collaborates with various startups in business accelerators so that it has an impact on national economic development.

Given the important role of GK Plug & Play in designing a digital technology-based startup ecosystem and its contribution to national economic development, STIE Indonesia Banking School invited Mr. Wesley Harjono, Founder of GK Plug & Play (Sandbox Indonesia) as the main resource in the National Public Lecture Webinar.