June 11, 2021 at 10.00 – 11.25


  1. Background of Activities

STIE Indonesia Banking School (IBS) plans to hold a Public Lecture Webinar with the theme “Digital Leadership”. For this reason, IBS respectfully invites Mr. Jerry Ng, as the President Commissioner of Bank Jago, as a resource person in the Public Lecture Webinar which is conducted online through the Video Conferenceplatform (Zoom Meeting). The discussion will be made interactive by asking some questions by the moderator and the audience. The short list of questions is as follows: 


  • How has technology disrupted the banking and financial services sector?
  1. As an experienced banker, can you tell us about the evolution of changes in the banking sector from when you were at Bank Danamon, then BTPN and now Bank Jago?
  2. In what context did the change occur? What has and will change in the near future? 


  • As a visionary leader, what sparks you to make the innovation and to lead the change that you initiated for your organization?
  1. How was your experience in starting and leading this digital transformation in your organization? 
  2. What should the leaders prepare to be able to lead in this era of change?


  • Jenius and Bank Jago seemed to be one step ahead of the industry in terms of digital transformation in product and business. 
  1. How to find a truly unique value proposition ? Is there any secret recipe ?
  2. In addition to products and services, one of the striking approaches from Bank Jago is the ecosystem approach, can you explain more about the approach?


  • Research from AON explains that the digital future will require a new set of skills, behaviors and ways of working — but most organizations (59%) lack the critical set of skills and competencies needed to compete in an era of disruption. 

Webinar audiences are mostly university students. What should this generation prepare in terms of competency skills and mind set to become digital leaders in the future?

  1. Purpose and Objectives

In order for the STIE Indonesia Banking School academic community to better know and understand how the dynamics of the financial and banking services sector is transforming towards digital and the role of leadership in the resolution of this transformation from very relevant and authoritative resource persons related to this topic.

Topic Answers from this event can be seen on the Indonesia Banking School YouTube Channel