“ Dream Big: Unleash Your Potential. Capturing Export Opportunities,

From Local to Global “

Sulsesl’s potential in various sectors has led this region to encourage potential investors to glance at the potential contained in the area. Cocoa is one of the main potentials of South Sulawesi. South Sulawesi cocoa contributes 60% of national cocoa production which strengthens Indonesia as the 3rd rank in the world with a production income of around 720 thousand tons per year. South Sulawesi also has the largest seaweed potential in Indonesia. Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) data confirms that South Sulawesi is one of the largest seaweed producers in Indonesia. Each year, the productivity of seaweed in South Sulawesi can reach around 1.5 million tons worth US $ 1.9 million. In the agricultural sector, South Sulawesi is said to be a national food barn with an average rice surplus of 1.2 tons per year (makassar.antaranews.com. 2020).

The South Sulawesi Provincial Government continues its efforts to boost export performance. The Covid-19 pandemic has not prevented companies from South Sulawesi from accelerating export performance. The Ministry of Trade in 2020 noted that there were 32 companies from South Sulawesi participating in an activity entitled “Release of Global Market Exports” with the inauguration by President Joko Widodo. The Governor of South Sulawesi, Nurdin Abdullah explained that the Indonesian economy, including South Sulawesi, could immediately recover and be vibrant in all aspects. South Sulawesi’s export performance during the Covid-19 pandemic was still able to grow at 11 percent (Sulawesibisnis.com, 2020).

Some of the leading export commodities of South Sulawesi include nickel, seaweed, carrageenan, fresh shrimp and brushed cashews. The export destination countries for these commodities include Japan, China, the United States, Malaysia and Vietnam (sulsel.bps.go.id. 2020). Referring to the explanation regarding the potential of South Sulawesi in advancing the economy and welfare of the people in the region, STIE IBS held a National Public Lecture Webinar with the theme “Dream Big: Unleash Your Potential. Capturing Export Opportunities, From Local to Global ”. Therefore, STIE Indonesia Banking School respectfully invites Mr. Andi Sudirman Sulaiman, ST. as Deputy Governor of South Sulawesi and Mrs. Rosmaya Hadi as Deputy Governor of Indonesia who will give Opening Remarks in a Public Lecture Webinar conducted online through the Video Conference (Zoom platform