1. Spacious Classrooms

The classrooms are spacious with the size of 36 square meters. Facilities provided for teaching-learning activity consist of 1 (one) unit of computer, 1 (one) unit of projector, screen, chairs, whiteboard, AC. These classrooms can have 26-30 students.

2. Reguler Classroom

Small classroom or usually called mini class is very comfortable and supports the teaching-learning activity. Each room is equipped with 1 (one) unit of computer, 1 (one) unit of projector, chairs, whiteboard, AC. The classroom can have 26-30 students so that it can create a conducive learning atmosphere.

3. Amphitheater

Amphitheater is usually used for supporting facility. This room is equipped with facilities such as white board, LCD projector and screen, chairs, and AC. This room can have up to 60 people. This room can be use for internal and external. This room is sound proof so that it can be used for practicum subject of audio visual.

4. Auditorium

Auditorium can cater approximately 600 people. It is a supporting facility in public lecture program or the like. It is used for internal and external such as graduation, art performance, examination, seminar, training, public lecture, 12th grade graduation, and other high school events.