29 Januari 2016

P3M IBS -With the theme of  "Empowerment of Home Economics, Financial Services Authority, whose purpose is to support employers through Financial Literacy in Central Java and Yogyakarta". Financial Literacy for the achievement rates in Indonesia is high and deep, scientific work is assessed by the jury since October 10, 2015. The election of the next stage should be the best paper presented in front of the jury. Exposure assessment is used as part statutes best presenter.

One of the lecturers of IBS Anna Sardiana, SE., M.Si elected as one of the finalists in the category of Academics and Professionals. Paper entitled "The Effect of Financial Literacy on usage preferences of Islamic Financial Services". This paper discusses the significant relationship between financial literacy of the Islamic financial services usage preferences.

The higher the financial literacy of sharia, then the probability of Islamic financial services usage will be higher, so that an increase in Islamic financial literacy. Prospects for the future use of Islamic financial services in the future will increase.
Anna Sardiana, SE., M.Si won Best Paper at this event which has been held in the Main Courtroom Building Dean, Faculty of Diponegoro University in Semarang. Screenings are held tight start of October until December 8, 2015.