03 Oktober 2016




The commencement of English Day was carried out on Friday, September 30, 2016, attended by the IBS chairman, lecturers and students as well. The inauguration of English Day was signed by Mr Gatot Sugiono, SE, MM (Executive Officer of YPPI Foundation), Dr. Subarjo Joyosumarto, SE, MA (Chairman), Dr. Sparta, Ak, ME., CA (Deputy for Academic Affair), Dr. Antyo Pracoyo, M.Si (Deputy for Student Affair), Mr Muhammad Mazidun Niam (Student Representative Council), Mr Bembi Trissandy (Student Executive Board), Mr Dalvian (Student  Union - Accountancy), Mr  Muhamad Taufik Abdurahman (Student Union – Management).

The representation of the Foundation, Leaders and Students were aimed at supporting the implementation of  English Day, which  will be  implemented on every Tuesday and Thursday. Entering Asean Economic Community, competency in using the English language is highly essential to support the professional workers. IBS campuses provide bilingual English and Bahasa Indonesia classes, in order to make the students to get used to it as having dialogs with this international language.