Introduction to Crypto and How it will Disrupt or Compliment to The Future of Digital Banking

Digital Money (UD) is actually not the same as electronic money (UE). Digital Money is a means of payment that comes in digital form using a computer or with a smartphone connected to the internet.

In Indonesia, the development of digital money has not yet received the same place as electronic money or demand deposit. Digital Money in general developed thanks to the Crypto technology developed by Chaum in 1982 in the first proposal for the Blockchain protocol. In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto developed Cryptocurrency Bitcoin based on blockchain technology. In 2009 Bitcoin (BTC) was first traded, until finally Bitcoin became a very popular digital currency traded.

The management of financial transactions is part of the banking system, especially in the settlement of financial transactions. With the development of computer information technology, the banking community has also developed digital banking (digital banking) so that it is not distorted. In connection with the development of digital currency in digital banking, the study of crypto is very interesting to discuss in the IBS Webinar. Based on this explanation, IBS invited the resource person, Mr. Jeth Soetoyo BSc., MBA., CEO of PINTU, whose daily life is a crypto practitioner, to share knowledge and insights on current and future crypto developments in the context of digital banking. The theme of this National Webinar is “Introduction to Crypto and How it will Disrupt or Compliment to The Future of Digital Banking”.

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