18 Januari 2016

Heads and Permanent Lecturers of S1 and S2 STIE INDONESIA BANKING SCHOOL. .

Friday, January 15,i 2016. Top IBS management conducted coffee meeting at VIP room, IBS-BRI Care canteen. This monthly program that is routinely held, was started at 08:00 – 09:00 West Indonesia Time (WIB).  In this meeting, the IBS chairman invites all lecturers to enter year 2016 by improving quality services, for students, students’ parents and the people who live in the neighborhood around IBS. Especially for services to the people around IBS, is part of Tri Dharma of Higher Education. It is expected, that by improving quality services, IBS can have value added in the scoring for reaccreditation of Management and Accounting Study Program this year.   

The different view on this coffee Meeting this time, is that canteen employees wear uniform, with Madura style of shirts.  The unique thing in this coffee meeting has become one of characteristics of IBS, as viewed from the side of academic or value for IBS students.

Bapak Dr. Subarjo sebagai Ketua IBS mengharapkan para dosen IBS mampu dan mau mengembangkan keunikan dan Value IBS secara positif. Ciri/keunikan ini akan dapat mendorong IBS mampu memberikan kontribusi generasi muda Indonesia di kawasan ASEAN.(Edi Komara/ANP)