21 April 2016

Workshop on Setting Up Curricula Based on KKNI

On April 6, 2016, Indonesia Banking School held Workshop on Settin Up Curricula Based on Indonesian National Qualification Frame (KKNI).  Acted as resources were Dr Illah SIlah ( Kopertis II coordinator), Ir Indra Darmawan ( former BRI Head Office employee).  Junaidi Hasom ( Human Capial BNI SyariahDirector),  DR Hendang Tanudjaja, CPA (CPA Darmawan, Hendang and Yogi), Dr Bahtiar Usman, MM (Trisakti University) and Ersa Tri Wahyuni, PhD, CA, Ak ( Padjajaran University). The event commenced at 09:00, West Indonesia Time by the Chairman of  ndonesia Banking School, Dr Subarjo Joyosumarto.

Indonesian National Qualification Frame (KKNI) became a model in the setting up on achieving success on study for graduates if every level of education nationwide. The parameter description KKNI qualification was a formulated in the attitude and value, competency in the work place, knowledge mastered, and right/obligation and also responsibility as well. In his presentation, DR Ilah Sailah, as Kopertis III Coordinator, stated that around 58%-60% of the S1 program, have not achieved the targeted Skill.

With the implementation of this workshop on setting up curricula, Indonesia Banking School, was expected to excel its curricula in 2016. Since evaluation and improving curricula were needed to get the best results for graduates, which were demanded by industry, especially for fulfilling the demand in the upcoming five years from now.