24 Agustus 2016


In order to improve the skills and knowledge while teaching faculty, Campus Indonesia Banking School held a Workshop on Presentation Methods. Located at the IBS campus classes, the workshop was attended by a number of lecturers and held on Friday (19/8).

IBS Chairman Dr. Subarjo Joyosumarto, SE., MA fill material, he delivered a presentation method of reference include:

  1. Timothy J. Koegel, The Exceptional Presentation, Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2007
  2. Patrick Collins, Speak with Power and Confidence, Sterling New York, 2009
  3. Ros Jay and Antony Jay, Effective Presentation, Prentice Hall Business, London, 2004
  4. Judith Humphrey, Speaking as a leader, John Wiley & Sons, Canada, 2012
  5. Jeremy Donovan, How to Deliver A TED Talk, McGraw- Hill Education, New York, 2014

With the method contained in the reference described various examples of how to be successful in presentation. Applicable to the students, so that they  will be more active and create an environment that is interactive learning.

This training is skillful development so as to improve the teaching skills of lecturers. In the method of presentation and case studies is more suitable because it is close to the application in the enterprise and society. Thus, the students have to know the science application forms of the cases studied.

"Cases used are real cases ever been experienced by the company or a particular person. We can reflect on some of the cases from the experience of others. Applied learning is identical to the discussion. The learning objective is highly dependent on the dynamics of the discussion in the classroom. With the case method, students were to think, analyze, argue, debate and question.