09 September 2016


Tempo and Media Group, and also Indonesia Banking School (IBS), held an event called Indonesia Banking Award (IBA), on September 7, 2016, taking place at JS Luwansa Hotel, South Jakarta. This is an event held annually to appreciate awards for the best Indonesian banks which have the best performance.

As a CEO of Tempo Group, Mr. Bambang Harymurti opened the IBA event by a warm welcome speech to all IBA participants. " I am thanking IBS for its assistance by providing research about evaluating to determine the winner of each category that will be announced tonight. Tempo group is a media expert which delivers news to public,  on the other hand,  the existence of  Indonesia Banking School,  has an expertise to create experts in banking, has fully and fairly supports in the selection of choosing 2016 IBA winners", said Mr. Bambang.

For the third time, Tempo Media Group in collaboration with Indonesia Banking School, organized an event to appreciate the best banks operated throughout Indonesia. Mr. Nelson Tampubolon, SE MSM, Commissioner Council Member of Financial Services Authority, and also as Executive Chairman of Bank Monitoring Agency, Dr. Hendar, Deputy Governor of BI, and also as IBS Curator Council Member, Mr. Fauzi Ichsan,  Member of Commissioner  Council and  as the Executive Head, attended this event. The team of jury were Mr. Subarjo Joyosumarto, the former Deputy Governor BI and now the chairman of Institute of Economic Sciences of  Indonesia Banking School, Dr. Hendri Saparini, Founder and Executive Director of CORE Indonesia, and Mr. Thoriq Hadad as marketing director Tempo Media Group.

The peak of the event was the awarding of the chosen banks, together with general presentation concerning about supporting category by the Expert Team of Indonesia Banking School, i.e. Dr. Ahmad Adriansyah, ST MSi. He explained about the scoring based on the amount of bank asset, and additional category from Syariah Business Unit (see more details below).