11 Oktober 2016



Cooperation MOU signed by each representative of IDX Indonesia Stock Exchange Sulistyo Budi (Information & Risk Management Director), Mandiri Sekuritas Lisana Irianiwati (Senior Executive Vice President), TICMI Mety Yusantiati (President), Indonesia Banking School Subarjo Joyosumarto (Chairman IBS) and witnessed by Abdul Aziz as Chairman of the Indonesian Banking Development Foundation. The event was followed by the inauguration of the gallery space investment will be room for a stock market simulation IBS students. The activities continued with a seminar themed "Healthy Investing In Capital Markets For Generation Y" speaker who fills that Paramita Sari (Head of Regional Development), Andreas M. Gunawidjaja (Head of retail), Dwi Sulistyorini (Executive Director) and as moderator Dr. Surachman Surjaatmadja (P3M IBS).

This event discusses on how a student could be interested in saving shares with advantages obtained, more than saving money in the bank, in this seminar explaining that the owners of shares in Indonesia as many as 64% are foreigners. Facts about Indonesia stock ownership then we as the younger generation should know that the profits companies in Indonesia do not enjoy themselves, so do not claim to love Indonesia before it has stakes. The seminar also invites students to have more revenue from brokerage profession because if wrestle world of stock as early as possible will brighten the future. Knowledge of the stock while it is in college can open the eyes by investing as early as possible. Certification for professional broker will be obtained, when actively participates in transactions in investment gallery IBS and certification will be obtained from TICMI.

This activity aims to build a generation Y to determine the development of stocks in Indonesia and can respond how lucky invest in stocks.