05 Mei 2016

BI Corner Inauguration

On Friday, May 13, 2016, located inside the Library of Indonesia Banking School, BI Corner will be inaugurated. This inaugural event will be conducted by Mr Tirta Segara, Excecutive Director of Communication Department of Bank Indonesia and Mr Khairil Anwar, Vice Head II of Indonesia Banking School, witnessed by Ms Trini Haryati, head of Indonesian Library Development Foundation. Through the event of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the theme of Smart Indonesian Social Program, the existence of BI Corner is aimed at educating people, especially IBS students about economy and the world of banking. Therefore, by this, it is expected that the students will comprehend further the function and task of Bank Indonesia.

BI Corner is a mini library which provides around five hundred kinds of books, such as business, banking, accounting, management, Islamic economy, syari’ah banking, banking law, taxation, and many others. Besides, BI Corner is also equipped with other facilities, such as computer and television (Audio Visual) to support information and comfort for students. 


General Lecture

After the event of BI Corner inauguration, the program continues with general lecture with the theme “ the Latest  Economy and Monetary Policy” with Mr Tirta Segara, the Executive   Director of Communication Department of Bank Indonesia, as the speaker  and will be guided by Mr Antyo Pracoyo , the Vice Head III Indonesia Banking School, as the moderator. By following the general lecture, it is expected that students shall have knowledge of the latest information on Indonesia’s economy, and also the latest policy issued by Bank Indonesia.