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Job Training

  1. 7 semester students are required to attend job training (apprenticeship) for 1 semester with a score of 12 credits. Job training activities include learning by doing training regarding the operational activities of financial institutions and banking. With the completion of this activity, students will gain experience in work (learning by doing) regarding the operations of the institution where they attend training, including: raising funds, financing, financial governance, behaving in the workplace, socializing and socializing with employees, and the work environment. Students who have completed this job training are ready to work if they have graduated from IBS.List of institutions where job training is:
  2. Bank Indonesia, in the form of Visitation for 10 working days
  3. Other institutions for one semester:
    Financial Services Authority (OJK) Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS)
    Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Bank Mandiri
    Bank BRI Bank BNI
    Bank BTN Bank BCA Syariah
    Bank Bukopin Bank DKI
    Bank BTPN Bank BTPN Syariah
    Bank Ganesha Bank BNI Syariah
    Bank Woori Saudara Bank Muamalat
    Bank Syariah Mandiri Bank Panin Syariah
    Bank Mega Syariah Bank BPD Lampung
    Bank Commonwealth  

2. Lecturer Composition

The lecture material given is a combination of theory and practice in the field of financial institutions and banking. The lecturers who teach are a combination of financial / banking practitioners and academic lecturers. The practicing lecturers include:

  • Subarjo Joyosumarto, SE, MA, PhD. (Former Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, Former President Commissioner of Indoverbank, BNI Syariah)
  • Dr. Joni Swastanto SE, (Commissioner of Bank BNI, Former Deputy Commissioner of OJK)
  • Khairil Anwar SE., MSM (Commissioner of Commonwealth Bank, Former Executive Director of Bank Indonesia)
  • Dr. Hendar (Former Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia)
  • Dr. Agusman SE, MBA (Executive Director of Bank Indonesia)
  • Dr. Achyar Ilyas (Commissioner of CIMB Niaga, Former Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia)
  • Zaenal Abidin SE, MBM, PhD (Commissioner of Bank Victoria)
  • Ramzi A. Zuhdi SE, Akt (Former Executive Director of Bank Indonesia, Former Commissioner of Bank Syariah Mandiri)
  • Dr. Abdul Salam, SE, MM (Former Executive Director of Bank Indonesia, Former Director of BRI, Former President Director of Bank Ganesha)
  • Dr. Siswanto SE, MM (Former Director of the LPPI, Former Executive Director of Bank Indonesia, Former Director of Bank BAPINDO)
  • Dr. Batara Simatupang (Former Bank Mandiri Officer)
  • Dr. Sparta SE, Akt (Former BAPINDO Bank Officer)
  • Prof. Dr. Narumi Lapoliwa SE, Akt (Former Bank Indonesia Officer)

3. Program Public Speaking

IBS students are equipped with skills, Public Speaking namely soft skills in the form of the ability to present a problem or opinion systematically, briefly and clearly. Through this activity students can speak in public with confidence, as well as during presentations and present arguments in discussion forums. Public Speaking also provides provisions for newly graduated students to take job interviews. Participants in this activity have the ability to provide answers systematically and logically accompanied by ways of speaking and acting that give a positive impression to the interviewer.

The material provided in theProgram Public Speaking  is:

  • Building Confidence
  • Communication Skill
  • Presentation Skill
  • Technique Argument
  • Interview Technique

4. Payment of Tuition Fees

IBS collaborates with financial technology company Fintech to pay tuition fees.Companies Fintech Are willing to provide credit to parents of IBS students as long as the lecture lasts for 4 years and the credit payment period can be made in a period that varies from 1 to 6 years. With lecture financing carried out by companies Fintech , parents of students do not need to provide funds per semester.

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