1. Mini Bank Simulation Laboratory

Mini Bank Simulation Room is the grant from PT.Bank Mandiri Tbk. It is located in the main lobby and it is for students especially for teaching-learning activity with the subject of banking system and operational. This laboratory is used for CSR activity to socialize the banking system to the society, especially the teachers and students in Jakarta and its surroundings (Jabodetabek).

2. Computer Laboratory

Computer Laboratory is equipped with AC, server, computer, online network, wifi which can be used for teaching-learning activity. Students get used to doing assignments with computers. For supplementary materials both in accounting and management it is equipped with the latest software.

3. Exchange Corner (Pojok Bursa)

Exchange Corner is the campus facility coming from the partnership with Indonesia stock exchange and Sinar Mas Securities which can be used by internals and externals to know more on stock exchange investments. The room is very comfortable with AC, computer units, and reference books on stock investment teaching.

4. Tax Center

By having a cooperation with Tax Regional Office (Kanwil Pajak) South Jakarta, IBS has the role to improve the quality of learning on tax not only for the lecturers but also the students through discussion and research, training, and tax information service as well as helping to socialize taxation to all campus community and society.