S1 Indonesia Banking School Management Program

Subjects for S1 Management Program are designed to achieve the target competencies, as follows:

  1. Faithful allegiance to Almighty God, strong personality, independent and socially responsible and loyal to the country, among others subjects on Religious Education and Civic Education.
  2. Professional and committed to execute the professional code ethics, among others subjects on Business Ethics, including Code Ethics for Bankers and Leadership.
  3. Having the ability to analyze the economy of Indonesia, economic development and impact on banking industry in particular, among others subjects on Introduction to Economics, Theory of Ekonomi, Introduction to Economic Development, and Economy of Indonesia.
  4. Having the ability to evaluate the economic development and monetary potential, and the impact on banking and financial industry in general, among others subjects on Central Banking (including monetary economics), Investment Management, Money Market and Non-Bank Financial Institutions.
  5. Having the capability to understand and execute the company management policy in general, among others subjects on Introduction to Management Studies, Introduction to Business Studies, Finance Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior, Accountancy, Cost Accounting, and Information System Management.
  6. Having the capability to understand and apply the basic principles of banking activities and management, among others subjects on Credit Management, Syariah (Islamic) Banking, Funding and ALMA (Asset and Liability Management Association), Bank Accountancy, Risks Management, and International Financial Management.
  7. Having the capability to understand and take advantage of the quantitative analysis required to enhance the comprehension of related subjects, such as Mathematical Economics, Business Mathematics, Statistics, and Business Feasibility Studies.
  8. Having the capability to understand and take advantage of a variety of communication facilities and information sources, among others subjects on Business Communication, English Language and Computer Applications.


Based on the above stated considerations, IBS designed the following curriculum for every semester.

Semester 1

No Subjects
1 Introduction to Micro Economics
2 Introduction to Business Studies
3 Introduction to Accounting I
4 English I
5 Religious Education
6 Civics
7 Mathematical Economics

Semester 3

No Subjects
1 Micro Economics Theory
2 Leadership and Organizational Culture
3 Information System Management
4 Financial Management
5 Marketing Management
6 Human Resources Management
7 Business Communication

Semester 5

No Subjects
1 Economy of Indonesia
2 BEnglish II
3 Business Ethics
4 Organizational Behavior
5 Operations Management
6 Funding and ALMA

Compulsory Subjects I (choose one)

Marketing : Consumer Behavior
Finance : Corporate Finance
HR: Organization Development
Syariah : Authority Requirements

Semester 7

No Subjects
1 Internship

Semester 2

No Subjects
1 Introduction to Macro Economics
2 Introduction to Accounting II
3 Introduction to Banking and Non-Bank Financial Institution
4 Statistics
5 Business and Banking Law
6 Indonesian Language
7 Introduction to Management Studies

Semester 4

No Subjects
1 Macro Economics Theory
2 Decision Making Theory
3 Cost Accounting
4 Managerial Economics
5 Entrepreneurship
6 Islamic (Syariah) Banking Management
7 Credit Management

Semester 6

No Subjects
1 Central Banking
2 Research Methodology Management
3 Strategic Management
4 Business Feasibility Study
5 Applied Economics

Compulsory Subjects II (choose one)

Marketing : Banking Service Marketing
Finance : International Finance
HR : Human Resource Planning
Syariah : Islamic Banking Products and Services I

Compulsory Subjects III (choose one)

Marketing: Integrated Marketing Communication
Finance : Investment Management
HR: Human Resources Procurement Management


Semester 8

No Subjects

Compulsory Subjects IV (choose one)

Marketing : Marketing Research
Finance : Financial Report Analysis
HR : Management of HR Training and Development
Syariah : Islamic Banking Products and Service II

Compulsory Subjects V (choose one)

Marketing : Digital Marketing
Finance : Banking Risk Management
HR : Performance Management
Syariah : Syariah Marketing
3 International Banking
4 Thesis

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