Compulsory Subjects in S1 Management:

  1. Finance
  2. Marketing
  3. Human Resource
  4. Syariah Financial Banking

Companies needs the contribution of degree holders in management. They are challenged to have the capability to manage the business properly so as to ensure sustanaible business development according to the stakeholder’s demand. If a company owner also a business management degree-holder, the concerned party will contribute as well to our mission that is to open career opportunities for job seekers.

Career opportunities open widely to business management degree-holders. When Asean Economic Community is applied in 2016, there will be bigger job opportunities available in ASEAN. That would be a new challenge and opportunity as well for bachelor of business management to fill the positions available in labor market area in ASEAN.

Management Study Program has four compulsory subjects, as follows: Finance; Marketing; Human Resources; and Syariah Financial Banking. Students can choose to take the subjects according to their own interest to learn.

Students interested in finance will have the compentencies in company assets management, decision-making in investment alternatives selection, select alternative fund, financial risks management, and learn a variety of modern financial transactions. For those interested in marketing they will have the competencies in making business concepts, marketing strategy and practice. Students interested in learning human resources aspects will have the skills and competencies in business concept making and the management of human resources in company. Those who wants to learn about syariah financial banking will have the knowledge of concepts of syariah banking including funding, financing, banking services and treasury.

IBS graduates will get additional values for that they will have the chances to participate in an internship program at syariah bank and participate in technical and management training for certified banking management and financial industry.

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