Student Support

To support student activities both curricular and non curricular IBS facilitates students with extra curricular activities. It is compulsory for every IBS student to join at least one activity. The aim is for student to have a skill beside academic skill. The following is the list of Student Extra Curricular Activities in IBS:

1. Futsal

As one of the most popular sports in Indonesia, futsal is fancied by almost all groups of people. To cater that, IBS provides indoor futsal field which can be used for various kinds of student activities.

Routine practice is held on Mondays and Thursdays after the lecture is over. Futsal extra curricular activity has frequently joined tournaments inter campus held by external party. To improve the skills of the futsal members IBS hires a coach who is competent in giving the training on the right techniques in playing futsal.

2. Badminton

This is a place for students who are interested and talented in badminton. This activity is done after the lecture is over.

In the practice, the members are given the knowledge and techniques in playing good badminton so they can improve their skill. Routine practice is held on Tuesdays after the lecture is over and is located in Mandiri Sport Center IBS. Members of badminton extra curricular activity have participated in competitions such as Bakrie Open, Student Sport Event, UNJ Open, Tarakanita Open, and some other sport events.

3. Basket Ball

Basket Ball Extra Curricular Activity is a place and facility for students who are interested in basket ball to improve their talent and hobby. Besides playing basket ball, the members also learn how to be in an organization but still prioritizing the study.

Routine practice is held on Wednesdays and Fridays after the lecture is over and is located in Sport Center IBS. Basket ball extra curricular activity has A2 national license and has been experienced in the field for more than 20 years. Some competitions that have been participated in are among others DBL League, Domestic Basket Ball League under NBL, and Campus League



Aikido is a martial art which has the Japanese root and culture. Aikido is the manifestation of modern Japanese thoughts with traditional Japanese culture. This makes the martial art which was developed by Morihei Ueshiba in the 1800s very popular. Aikido comes from an ancient tradition of martial art which was owned by the kingdom family from generation to generation.

IBS has Aikido extra curricular activity which has the name of Dojo Kobayashi. It is a place for students who have interests and talent in martial art. The members of Aikido Kobayashi consist of IBS Academicians like students, staff, and lecturers.


5. Nature Lovers

IBS nature lovers extra curricular activity is named Dunares which comes from the words Duis Naturam Amatores. This extra curricular activity was established in 2014.

Duis Naturam Amatores was taken from latin which meant “Nature Lover Banker” as in the name of the university i.e. Indonesia Banking School. Dunares activity is generally outdoor and involved in environment. The kinds of activities done are among others mountaineering, climbing, caving, rafting, replanting, and other activities with social environmental themes.

The aim of this extra curricular activity is to build a strong individual who is obedient to God, loves the alma mater, do the University Tri Dharma and build a student who is creative, dynamic, and responsible for the harmony, conformity, and balance of the nature with the environment perspective.

Dunares has climbed several mountain peaks in Java such as Mount Semeru, Papandayan, Pangrango, Cikurai, and Merbabu. Students who are interested in nature can sign up as the members of Dunares.


6. Choir

Choir or koor (in Dutch) is a term to refer to music ensemble which consists of singers and music played by that ensemble. Generally a choir plays a music which consists of different kinds of voices.

Choir extra curricular activity is a place for students who have interests and talent in vocal i.e. choir. IBS choir has frequently been invited to perform in some events held by universities or institutions. The members of IBS choir consist of students from different batches and majors.

7. Dance

Dance extra curricular activity is a place for students who want to express their interests and talent in dance, traditional or modern.

Routine practice of Dance extra curricular activity is held on Wednesdays located in IBS classroom. It has 45 members. Some competitions that have been participated in are Seismograf (Saman dance competition held by UIN Jakarta), Piastro (Modern dance competition held by Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia), and Saman dance competition held by ESQ Business School. This activity is aimed for improving the IBS student creativity so that the students have good academic and non academic skills.


8. Cinematography dan Photography (SNF)

This unit is a place for students who have interests and talent in cinematography and photography. The activities involve making short movies, in which SNF has joined some movie competitions held by external. In photography SNF has also joined some photography competitions and sent its members to compete so that they can have more experience in photography.

SNF holds a routine meeting on Fridays to equip the members with the knowledge of cinematography and photography. SNF also does some hunts for picture taking and movie making locations.


9. Student Research Center

SRC is one of student extra curricular activities provided by IBS which is closely related with research activity. This unit has the aim to help IBS students and lecturers especially those who are conducting a research by making/publishing journals or trainings that can support the research. SRC is also a place for students who want to improve their ability and knowledge in learning the current issues in economic world which can be put in written form or discussion. SRC has a routine meeting on Tuesday afternoon every week.

10. Investment Gallery  

Is a place for students who have interest in investment, Investment Gallery IBS work together with one of the securities company that is Mandiri Sekuritas and self-regulatory organization that is Indonesia Stock Exchange. The purpose of the establishment of Investment Gallery is to equip IBS Students with knowledge on how to invest properly in the capital market through the program offered by Mandiri Sekuritas and Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Investment Gallery IBS has a corner room of the exchange, where students can trade and learn about capital market education. In addition, the Investment Gallery also works with Ticmi to hold WPPE certification classes, WPEE certification classes, WMI certification classes, and ASPM certification classes.

This will encourage traditional investors to shift into capital market investors by providing an overview of the advantages of investing in the capital market compared to other investments. In addition, with this investment gallery can improve the welfare of students by providing an alternative to invest in the capital market.

11. Band

Band is one of the extra curricular activities of IBS which involves in art especially in music. Concerning the potentials and talent of IBS students and a quite big interest, therefore this extra curricular activity was reactivated in 2014 after it has been idle since 2011.

This unit has a routine practice on Fridays after the lecture is over. The band actively performs in every event held by IBS student organization to entertain with their musical ability. The band also has another routine activity—perform in “Live Music” routinely held on the third Friday every month.

Beside internal campus activity, the band also actively participates in campus external activity such as competitions among campuses (inter campus) and other musical events.