IBS MM Program Participants should achieve 42 SKS which can be finished in 4 (four) semesters including Thesis. Before attending the management master courses, students must attend the matriculation aimed to build self awareness by attending several intensive meetings.

The courses held at IBS MM Program is classified into compulsory classes. In the first (1) semester, students must take four core classes in fundamental management studies. When students enter the second (2) semester, students must take four competence classes. In the third (3) semester, students will learn major courses, namely: bank financial manajemen. In this semester students must attend seminars and prepare their research. As the final step of their studying process, students must finish their final assessment by writing a Thesis.

Students must take 42 credit semester with 12 subjets and write a master’s Program Thesis.


Semester 1 (Main Subjects)

No Subjects
1 Corporate Financial Management
2 Strategic Management
3 Organizational Behavior and Leadership
4 Strategic Marketing

Semester 3 (Focusing on Conventional Banking )

No Subjects
1 Asset and Liability Manegement
2 Bank Management & Financial Services
3 Banking and Finance Risk Management
4 Banking and Finance Reasearch & Seminar

Semester 3 (Focusing on Risk Management)

No Subjects
1 Risk Management Research and Seminar
2 Banking Finance Research and Seminar
3 Introduction to Risk Management
4 Enterprise Risk Management

Semester 4

No Subjects
1 Thesis

Semester 2 (Competence Subjects)

No Subjects
1 Decision Making Theory
2 Business Law & Business Ethic
3 Business Research Method
4 Operational Management

Semester 3 (Focusing on Islamic Banking)

No Subjects
1 Asset and Liability Management for Islamic Bank
2 Accounting for Islamic-Bank
3 Risk Management for Islamic Bank
4 Seminar and Research for Islamic Bank

Semester 3 (Focusing on Marketing)

No Subjects
1 Consumers Behaviour
2 Integrated Markeing Communicarion
3 Service Marketing
4 Markenting Research and Seminar


  1. Introduction to Economics for Managers
  2. Fundamental of Accounting
  3. Statistics for Business Decision

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