Focus of Masters Program in Management (S2):

  1. Convensional Banking
  2. Syariah (Islamic) Banking
  3. Risk Management
  4. Marketing

The rapid changes in this era of globalization professional, creative and innovative human resources. The Indonesia Banking School MM Program responds to said challenges by providing competent, skillful and competitive human resources.

The Indonesia Banking School MM Program is developing intellectual capital for business, finance and banking industry, and producing human resources of human capital characteristic essential to meet the demand in the fast-growing, complicated and competitive business industry. Human capital focuses not only on the knowledge (intellectual) development in a narrow sense, but also leadership skills and managerial skills essential to produce economic value¬† in the current business industry and for the future.

The human capital development in a broader sense relates to the development of intellectual agility thoroughly including the ability to skillfully put knowledge in context with the objective to create worthy values and transformations towards sustainability for themselves, for the organization where they work and for the industry.

The development of Islamic financial industry in Indonesia has been impressively mushrooming for the last 5 years tahun, particularly Syariah Banking.
The fast growing of Syariah Banking has driven the growth of other Syariah Financial Industry, such as Syariah Insurance, multi-finance companies, non-bank Syariah financial institution, and Syariah micro financial institution. This current trend increases the need of human resources in financial  business as the number of syariah banking increases as well.

To that reason, providing highly competent human resources for business, finance and Islamic banking industry in Indonesia is essential and worth to be put top priority by establishing high quality educational institutions such as the Indonesia Banking School MM Program. Indonesia Banking School conducts courses in syariah banking and financial management. This program is aimed to meet future human resources needs in Syariah Banking in Indonesia in particular.


Objectives of IBS MM Program
The objectives of the IBS MM Program is to produce professional business practitioners, as well in the management, financial and banking industry, detailed as follows:

  • Producing professional, competitive and integrated graduates with capability of conducting necessary research independently, and self-motivated to develop scientific knowledge.
  • Producing innovative researches particularly related to business, management, finance, and banking useful for the public and involving in social responsibility activities.
  • Maintaining close cooperation with industrial sector and numerous institutions, both nationally and internationally institutions important in enhancing teaching and learning process, research and community service relating to business, management, financial and banking industry.



  • Modern and comfortable classrooms
  • Lecture notes (module)


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