25 April 2016

IBS Generate Best Graduates Ready to Face MEA

Indonesia Banking School (IBS) produce quality graduates who are ready to face global competition.

Since the opening of the ASEAN single market (MEA) competition in the job market tighter. Not only jobs are increasingly limited, the level of strict selection also encouraged each company in order to compete in the global arena. As a result, less competent graduates who are forced to be eliminating.

Inevitably foresight in determining the best schools is not limited views of the popularity or reputation alone. The school must have excellence in all fields, especially in producing the best graduates and able to compete.

In addition, the relationship to the company or corporation could also be a plus. It can be a bridge for the introduction of the learner directly in the workplace through the internship program. One college that has a relationship with a number of corporations is Indonesia Banking School (IBS).

As the name of IBS imply, a college which is located in South Jakarta at Kemang Raya 35 in cooperation with 20 banks, both conventional and sharia. Among others, are Bank Mandiri, Bank Syariah Mandiri, Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Bank BCA Syariah, Bank Panin, Bank Danamon Indonesia, BRI Syariah, BNI Syariah, Bank Mega Syariah, Bank Syariah Bukopin and Bank DKI.

Through the cooperation system, alumni of IBS can be directly employed in one of the banks that have been mentioned. Of course, this is not without a tendency or anything. In order to prepare students to be ready to work, IBS students have been following the first semester of internship at 4 in Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority (FSA). In the seventh semester, students do an internship for six months at partner banks.

Not only that, before graduating, IBS students must also have a minimum TOEFL score of 550, Certificate of General Banking I and Risk Management. The most important thing, a graduate of IBS strengthened its national insight to more love Indonesia.

IBS has also been holding an official permit from the Director General of Higher Education since 2004. In addition, IBS was established by the Indonesian Banking Development Foundation (YPPI) is none other than the foundation built by Bank Indonesia. One institution that has scored the professional cadre of national banks under YPPI is the Indonesian Banking Development Institute (LPPI).

This is a proof that IBS is not just an ordinary college. IBS has a course on the S1 (SE) in the major of Accounting and Management. While its existing S2 Master of Management (MM). With the full support of the Monetary Authority (Bank Indonesia) and the FSA, IBS be featured schools that should be considered in order to produce graduates having competitiveness in the international MEA. (Adv / TMI / ayu)


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