15 Desember 2017
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            In order to provide information and financial education to people, followed by the launch of Literacy Book of Financial Series for Universities level, on 6th & 7th Desember 2017 located at STIE - IBS has been held education synergy cooperation program between OJK with universities in Jakarta, attended by 26 Universities, 2 lecturers from each university attended the event. The opening of the event begins with a warm wellcome speech from the Chairman of STIE-IBS Mr. Subarjo Joyosumarto SE., MA., PhD and continued with a general explanation by Mr. Sarjito as Deputy Commissioner for Education and Consumer Protection of OJK.

    The activities held during 2 days and the materials of financial literature series which consisting of:

1. Book Tittle I = OJK and Microprudential Supervision presented by Director of Literacy and Financial Education Mr.Horas Tarihoran
2. Book Tittle II = Banking presented by Mr.Hotman Simbolon
3. Book Tittle III = Capital Market presented by Mr.Rudiyant
4. Book Tittle IV = Insurance presented by Mr.Anton Lie
5. Book Tittle V = Financing Institution presented by Mr.Sigit Sembodo
6. Book Tittle VI = Retired Fund by Mr.Totok Subiyanto
7. Book Tittle VII = financial services institutions presented by Mr.Eri Mardianto (Marulitua Pangaribuan)
8. Book Tittle VIII = Islamic Financial Services Industry presented by Mr.Hermansyah
9. Book Tittle IX = Financial Planning presented by Mrs. Imelda Tarigan

            The participants get the benefits by joining this event, because in addition to gained their knowledge and adding insight into the roles and functions of OJK it self, they get to know too about the Financial Services Industry in general. Participants also learn how to do Financial Planning with well. Our expectations is that the knowledge gained by the lecturers can be inherited to their students to enrich their life skills either during the class,  going into the real working of life or as an professional entrepreneur.

              The event done very well in 2 days and it was closed by speech from Vice Chairman III-Indonesia Banking School Mr. M. Emil Akbar expects good cooperations are able to continue in the near future.