9 May 2018

National Seminar on Human Resource Developments In the revolution Industry of 4.0 Era[Digital]


Located in LPPI Kemang Auditorium on Monday 7th May 2018, held the National Seminar with Topic "Human Resource Development in Industry Revolution of 4.0 Era [Digital]". The seminar was organized by IBS Management Institute, attended by participants from the Academic, Banking and Non-Bank Financial Industry, as well as the corporate leaders and other elements of society who are developing leadership in the revolution era 4.0. Head of IBS, Mr. Subarjo Joyosumarto SE., ME., PhD. said that, in this era of "Jaman Now", leadership plays a very strategic role, because it is not only limited in technological transformation, but much more importantly how leaders can prepare their companies to continue to adapt in new business environment. At the same time, the main challenge of today's leaders is to build adaptable Human Resource competencies in the industrial revolution era 4.0 (Digital). Based on Deloitte's Global Human Capital Trend 2017 research, proves that currently only five percent of organizations around the world who have 'Digital Leader'.

The next session was inviting the speakers from ministry of research and technology represented by Mrs. Dr. Ir. Paristiyanti Nurwardani (Director of Learning). From Bank Mandiri Mr. Agus Dwi Handaya (Director of Compliance, Legal, Human Capital,Persero, Tbk). From STIE Indonesia Banking School was represented by the chairman of IBS Mr. Subarjo Joyosumarto SE., ME., PhD, with moderator Mr. Eko B. Supriyanto (Chief Editor of Info bank Magazine). The seminar runs with a great feedback from participants, considering the material that is very relevant to the conditions happened nowadays, where many parties who still feel not ready to face the changes of new revolution industry of 4.0.

The result from the seminar, hopefully its added new knowledge and insight over the participants to be more prepared and anticipate the changes through the steps that need to be done immediately, through the leadership capabilities, we must be able to adapt and make adjustments in the new business environment, we should also capable to build a great human resources competencies that are adaptable to the challenges of the Industrial Revolutionary Era.

The seminar also present the chairman of OJK Commissioner Board which is Mr. Wimboh Santoso as a Keynote Speech, which explains that the distortions happened in banking due to technological developments can not be avoided. Also, things that concerned to Banking should be aware of this challenge. For that, bank and fintech can get along together and walk side by side, so banks do not need to totally change its business strategy, but banks may place fintech as a non-competitor partner.

In the series of events mentioned above, also there’s the signing between Bank Mandiri and STIE Indonesia Banking School (IBS) to cooperate in order to increase the ability of the company's workforce to answer the needs of digital banking. Through scholarship program, a great opportunity for potential people through Bank Mandiri will go for special selection and after passing the selection, will have the opportunity to study at the IBS Banking Program and earn a Bachelor Degree.

Furthermore, on that occasion, there’s a book launching that written by Mr. Subarjo Joyosumarto SE., ME., PhD, with title “B.A.N.K.I.R” published by Gramedia Group where the book is very useful because it reviewing the Leadership of Banking Institute of the 21st Century. The book offers very well answers to future leadership challenges, so it is very relevant to be understood and internalized by bankers.

The series of seminars closed with the special certificates and souvenirs given to the speakers and moderators by the chairman of IBS Mr. Subarjo Joyosumarto SE., ME., PhD.


(The material can be downloaded here)