07 September 2016



POSTED: 6th September 2016

Debutants this season, futsal son of Indonesia Banking School (IBS) has finally managed to achieve perfect points in their last match after defeating teams from Bekasi, STMIK Bani Saleh (Bansal) with the score 2-1, the match continued Pul A FIVE Futsal Water Mineral Prim -A Greater Jakarta Conference held at the Youth Center Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, Tuesday (09/06/2016).
In the last match, the coach of IBS, Coach Donzol, ever trust Tri (11), Dalfian (GK) (1), Daffa (8), Fariz (9) and Rhesa (6) fell in the early games of this, meanwhile, starting Bansal five reinforced by Kuswanda (6), Maualana (7), Ridwan (21), Umam (17) and Ari (5).

Dressed down with yellow and black, the son of IBS seen immediately implement the strategy of attacking. Opportunities for the opportunity were successfully Pandu et al. produce. But unfortunately, entered the 7th minute, IBS is busy attacking should be left in advance through the action of individual players Bansal, Ibrahim (7) and is able to accomplish this goal. Bansal 1-0 lead to even survive until the first half ended.

Entering the second half, IBS who have obtain the direction of Coach Donzol more aggressive by continuing to provide pressure to the heart of defense Bansal. In fact, in this second round, their goalkeeper, Dalfian, counted only three times to rescue. The work done by the players IBS eventually led to a goal in the 9th minute through their captain Pandu (10) which is able to convert feed cooked from his colleague, Sam (13). Five minutes later, Pandu back tapil good by scoring his second goal and invert it 2-1 for excellence IBS. After that, both teams could no longer scored in the second half until the final whistle sounded.

"We could have won more than this. The fatigue factor was the one player who I consider to be our constraints to be able to perform more optimally again. But, for me, stood at four points is good enough for this inaugural event for us, and we will be ready to back down in the next season, "said Coach Donzol when met after the match.

With this result, the son of IBS has not been able to qualify for the semi-finals for only four points from four games that they played, while the team Bansal who has not won in game three of this will play his last game contra University of Indonesia (UI), which will be held on Thursday (09.08.2016) at the Youth Center Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.

Sementara itu, pada pertandingan kedua LIMA Futsal Air Mineral Prim-A Greater Jakarta Conference hari keenam ini, tim putra Universitas Trsikati (Usakti) juga berhasil menutup penampilan di fase grup dengan meraih kemenangan ketiganya atas Universitas Indraprasta PGRI (Unindra). Namun sayang, indisipliner putra Usakti saat memasukan pemain yang tidak terdaftar diline up kala menghadapi STIE BP berdampak pada pengurangan tiga poin dan tidak mengesahkan kemenangannya atas STIE BP. 

Peluang bagi tim Usakti untuk lolos ke babak semifinal masih terbuka, jikalau STIE BP gagal memanfaatkan dua pertandingan sisanya kontra BSI dan UPH.