25 Oktober 2016

Hunting New Profit Hunter


KOMPAS. 23 Oct 2016

Eight minutes into the 16 o'clock, the atmosphere of the campus auditorium Indonesia Banking School in Kemang, South Jakarta, suddenly tense. Trading of shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange will be closed, there is little time left for the 20 teams participating Stock C.

The foreigners in BEI, was the one who made the various parties related to the campaign on the capital markets. 'Now its 64 owners of shares traded on the Stock Exchange are foreign investors. It makes our capital market easily shaken. If the Fed raises interest rates, for example, the foreign players will sell shares and anti purchasing dollar. The money is flowing there. As a result, the US dollar exchange rate will rise and domestic companies that hassle." said Srjito. The number of investors in the Stock Exchange has actually been growing more than 30 percent in the past 16 months, from 389,000 in July 2015 to 515,204 investors as of October 2016. However, that number was just around 0.2 percent of the 250 million population of Indonesia. So, not only education was encouraged to add players in the market. The policy decision was overhauling the rules for the sake of opening the gates wide open capital markets. It used to purchase shares at IDR 14,000 per share, for example, investors must spend around IDR 7 million, having to buy 1 lot of 500 sheets at a time. Because the lot unit is lowered to 100 sheets per lot, to buy the same stock, investors only spend IDR1.4 million. Stocks and financial authorities have been working with the National Islamic Council, classifying issuers that meet the criteria of "Islamic stock". All are done in order to capture new investors in the Stock Exchange.

Jhon Vetel of Junior Trader Club called the policy of changing the lot unit to 100 in the capital market. Since he was nicknamed E-Trading securities firms now with Daewoo Securities Indonesia focus work on online trading. Now even they keep updating the service "Home Online Trading System. "For a computer or its customers. Head of Marketing and Online Services Daewoo Securities Indonesia Randy Gunawan said the number of customers whose transaction on stocks is increasing. Hey will continue adding the number, "said Randy. Since retail customers are seriously working on 2011, Mandiri Sekuritas also successful with 55,000 customers. Mandiri Sekuritas offers opening a securities account "cost-festive ', IDR 2 million for the prospective public investors. Even students who are candidate investors can open a securities account with IDR 500,000. Bahana Securities savvy customers encompass any big fish hook retail investors, among others, with the ease of an initial investment of IDR 5 million for the prospective customers. In 2010, the number of Bahana customers ranging 700, dominated by big customers. Now, the number rose to 16,000 customers. We provide a program of education and socialization as well as an understanding of the importance of discipline in investing. We want all our customers, including retail customers, to be classified as investor ' big as whale", said President Director of Bahana.

Stock transactions are trained with simulation games strategy 'Stocklab "organized by the Financial Services Authority in Jakarta. A number of students in Jakarta following the stock trading competition held by Mandiri Sekuritas in Indonesia Banking School, Jakarta, Thursday (20/10). Employees of printing company in Jakarta, Wednesday (19/10) monitor the movement of stocks via smart phones in between break.