Study Program

Islamic Banking and Financial Management

Dr. R. Bambang Budhijana

Head of Study Program. Islamic Banking and Financial Management

Puspita, SE, MSi

Study Program Secretary. Islamic Banking and Financial Management


“To become an excellent Islamic Banking and Financial Management Study Program in the

field of Islamic Finance and Banking in ASEAN in 2025.”


  1. To provide education and teaching that is superior and with integrity in the field of financial management and Islamic banking so that it can meet the needs of the Islamic banking and financial management industry.
  2. Develop knowledge in the field of financial management and Islamic banking through the implementation of innovative and applicable research so that it benefits the general public and in particular for the financial management and Islamic banking industry.
  3. Carrying out community service activities by utilizing knowledge in the field of financial management and Islamic banking as well as institutional management to increase added value to society.
  4. Establishing synergistic collaborations with various institutions or institutions to support the provision of education, teaching, research and community service in the field of financial management and Islamic banking which can improve the quality of graduates of Islamic financial management and banking study programs that are beneficial to the financial industry and society
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Resource needs people for the Islamic finance and banking industry, especially in the MEA era. This study program aims to produce superior human resources in the field of Islamic finance and banking in Indonesia from now on to welcome the 2025 era. The implementation of education and teaching that is innovative, creative, with integrity and has good character in the field of finance and Islamic banking is emphasized in order to meet the needs market and can be beneficial to society in general and especially for the Islamic finance industry.

Apart from the above, honing student skills and competencies as well as synergy apart from education as well as research and community service are essential so that the quality of graduates can be of high quality so that career opportunities are wide open and the potential to be absorbed in the world of work is quite high. For the world of the Islamic finance industry, undergraduate finance and Islamic banking, a role is always needed not only in the banking financial sector but also in the Islamic economic sector in general. This is a challenge in itself to be more qualified in all respects because actually Islamic economics scholars can enter all lines. Knowledge about the two fields of science, both economics and from the sharia side, also really needs to be honed.

The Financial Management and Islamic Banking Study Program, which was recently inaugurated in 2016, focuses on one concentration, namely Islamic Finance and Banking. However, the students’ interest and enthusiasm have been very visible since this study program was initiated.

The IBS STIE IBS Financial Management and Banking Study Program is determined to produce graduates who are competent in the field of sharia economics, are religious, independent, and have integrity so that they can work together and contribute at the national level and run the education system by maintaining the quality level according to the needs of the financial industry syariah and strives to create students who think critically, analytically, focus on research and can implement knowledge about sharia economics that Rahmatan lil alamin begins with intensive internships at Islamic banking and non-bank institutions, as well as other institutions that carry sharia values ​​in doing business or his business.

Struktur Mata Kuliah

Semester 1

No Name Credit Prerequisite
1  Introduction to Economics
3-2  Introduction to Business Sharia
3-3  Introduction to Accounting I
3-4  Civics and Pancasila
2-5  Religious Education
2-6  Indonesian
2-7  English I 3
8 Introduction to Banking & LKNB 3

Semester 2

No Name Credit Prerequisite
1 Introduction to Management 3
2 Sharia Business Communication 3
3 Introduction to Accounting II 3
4 Statistics 3
5 English II 3
6 Islamic Economics 3 Introduction to Economics
7 Sharia Business and Banking Law 2 Introduction to Banking & NBFI
TOTAL 20  

Semester 3

No Name SKS Prerequisite
1 Sharia Marketing Management 3 Introduction to Management
2 Islamic Financial Management 3 Introduction to Management
3 Human Resource Management 3 Introduction to Management
4 Sharia Bank Operational Activities 3 Introduction to Banking & NBFI
5 Cost Accounting 3 Introduction to Accounting I
6 Ushul Fikih 2
7 Arabic 2

Semester 4

No Name SKS Prerequisite
1 Leadership and Islamic Organizational Culture 3 Introduction to Management, Introduction to Business
2 Islamic Bank Financing 3 Introduction to Banking & NBFI
3 International Banking 2 Introduction to Banking & LKNB
4 Financial Statement Analysis 3 Management, Finance
5 Entrepreneurship 3 Introduction to Business, Marketing Management
6 Fikih Muamalah 3 Ushul Fikih
7 Islamic Wealth Management & Financial Planner 3 Financial Management
TOTAL 20  

Semester 5

No Name SKS Prerequisite
1 Banksetralan and OJK 3 Economics
2 Financial System and Islamic Financial Institutions 3 Banking & NBFI Banking
3 Management of ALMA Islamic Bank 3 Introduction to Banking & NBFI
4 Islamic business ethics 3 Introduction to Business
5 Accounting for Islamic Banking 3 Introduction to Accounting, Introduction to Banks & LKNB
6 Capital Market and Sharia Investment 3 Financial Management
7 Compulsory Subjects I  
Introduction to Taxation 3 Introduction to Accounting
for Halal Industry Business Management. Introduction to
Islamic Consumer Behavior Management HR Management
  TOTAL 21  

Semester 6

No Name Credits Prerequisites
1 Digital Banking 2 Operations and Non-Foreign Exchange Foreign exchange
2 Feasibility Study of Islamic Business 3 Entrepreneurship
3 Research MethodologyFinance and Islamic Banking 3 Statistics, B. Indonesia
4 Strategic Management 3 Marketing Management
5 Islamic Banking Services Marketing 2 Manaj. Marketing
6 GCG and Sharia Bank Risk Management 3 Introduction to Banking & LKBB
  Compulsory Courses II  
7 Islamic Microfinance Industry 3 Financial System &Worksheets
Islamic Public Finance Introduction toEconomics
IslamicBranding Marketing Management
TOTAL 19  

Semester 7

No Name Credit Prerequisite
1 Mini Bank Practice 0 Following Apprenticeship Guidebook
2 Visitation of BI / OJK 0
3 Work Practices of Islamic Bank (BUS or UUS) 12
TOTAL 12  

Semester 8

No Name Credit Prerequisite
1 Thesis 6  
2 Ziswah Management 3 Financial System and LKS
3 Seminar on Islamic Banking & Finance 3 Peng. Banking & NBFI
TOTAL 12  

Lecturer teaching