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Post Graduate



“Becoming a Masters of Management Study Program that is Superior in Finance and Banking in Indonesia in 2025.”


  1. Organizing a Masters in Management education program especially in the fields of financial management and banking that has Integrity, Knowledge, and Skills that are competitive in Indonesia in 2025.
  2. Carry out research and development activities in management, especially in the fields of finance and banking so that they can contribute to the advancement of science at the national level.
  3. Carry out community service activities by utilizing management science especially in the fields of finance and banking in order to increase added value for the people of Indonesia.
  4. Establishing synergic cooperation with various domestic and foreign institutions


  1. Produce graduates who have Integrity, Knowledge, and Skills in finance and banking that are able to compete at the National level.
  2. Carry out scientific research and development activities that can contribute to the advancement of science in the fields of finance and banking at the National level.
  3. Carrying out community service as a contribution to the development of industry in finance and banking is useful for the development of science, learning, and for the people of Indonesia.
  4. Establishing synergic and mutually beneficial cooperation between the Master of Management Study Program and the business world, the financial banking  industry and associations in the community to achieve a better level of prosperity.
  5. Improving technology-based academic facilities and infrastructure to develop conducive academic systems and national standards.



The amount of credit that must be completed by the IBS MM Program participants is 42 semester credit units (SKS) which can be completed in four (4) semesters including the final assignment (Thesis). Before students take lectures, they will first follow a matriculation that aims to form self awareness during several intensive meetings.

In general, the subjects offered in the IBS MM Program are distributed based on concentration. In semester one (1) students are offered to take four core management courses (fundamentals). Entering the second semester (2) students will take four competency courses.

While in the third semester (3), students will get a major concentration course, namely: financial banking management. At this stage students must take seminars and prepare research in their fields. As the final stage of the lecture, students complete the final assignment in the form of a Thesis.

The number of courses to be completed is 12 courses and the Masters Thesis Program, with the total credit units being 42 credits.

Structure Course

Semester 1

No. Subjects
1 Marketing Management
2 Operations Management
3 Human Resource Management
4 Financial Management

Semester 2

No. Course
1 Strategic Management
2 Organizational Behavior
3 Quantitative Methods
4 Law and Business Ethics

Concentration Conventional Banking

Semester 3

No. Subjects
1 Research Methodology Business
2 Portfolio Investment Management
3 Banking Business Strategy Management
4 Treasury International Payment Settlement

Sharia Banking Concentration

No Subjects
1 Business Research Method
2 Sharia Management Compliance
3 Sharia Product Development Management
4 Islamic Banking Accounting

Marketing Concentration

No Subjects
1 Business Research Methodology
2 Consumer Behavior
3 Strategic Marketing Management
4 Marketing Management Services

Risk Management Concentration

No Subjects
1 Business Research Methodology
2 Enterprise
3 Risk ManagementBANK
4 Risk ManagementLKNB Risk Management

Human Resources Concentration

No Subjects
1 Business Research Methods
2 M anagement Performance HR
3 Management HR & Learning
4 Strategic Management HR

Semester 4

No. Course
1 Thesis / Proceedings 


  1. Statistics for Business Decision
  2. Managerial Accounting
  3. Management Business
  4. Introduction Economics for Manager

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