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Concentration of Bachelors in Management Study Program :

Financial management

Marketing Management

Human Resource Management

For a company, a management degree is always needed. A management scholar has the challenge of managing the business so that it can run well and always grow in accordance with the goals of the company and stakeholders. If someone is a company owner and is a graduate of management study,  he will have a role in opening job opportunities for job seekers.

Career opportunities are wide open for management scholars. In 2016, the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community will increase employment opportunities in the ASEAN region. This condition is a new challenge as well as an opportunity for management scholars to be able to fill and be absorbed in the world of work in the ASEAN region.

Management Study Program has three concentrations, namely: Financial Management, Marketing Management and Human Resource Management. Students can choose a concentration according to their interests and passions.

Students interested in financial management concentration will have competencies in managing corporate assets, making investment decisions, choosing financing alternatives, managing financial risk, as well as various modern financial transaction techniques. Whereas for those interested in marketing management concentration, they have concept competencies, strategies and marketing practices. Those who are interested in the concentration of human resources management will have the expertise and competencies about the concept and application of human resource management in the company.

IBS graduates have more value for participating in an internship program, both in banks and other financial institutions that will provide technical and managerial training experience in the management of banks and the financial industry.

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Every company always needs scholars who have knowledge of accounting, finance and banking.

A graduate in accounting will be able to analyze business performance achievements, through audits and financial statements. As for company leaders, mastering accounting science is an important instrument to understand the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes.

Wide open career opportunities opens for graduates of accounting study programs. In 2016 the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community could add opportunities to work in the ASEAN region. This condition is a new challenge as well as an opportunity for scholars in accounting to be able to fill and be absorbed in the world of work in the ASEAN region.

Curriculum for the Accounting Study Program in IBS is designed to provide knowledge about financial structure in business. This curriculum holds on to three pillars of accounting standards in depth, namely: the convergence of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), PSAK (Statement of Financial Accounting Standards), Sharia PSAK and SAK ETAP (Entities without Public Accountability). The students were given knowledge about how to prepare and analyze financial statements. The peculiarity of the Accounting Study Program curriculum is the content of banking courses.

When designing the curriculum IBS conducts joint work and comparative studies with related institutions. There are several institutions that already have formal links, namely: the Indonesian Accountants Association (IAI), the Indonesian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (IAPI), Australia’s Certified Public Accountant (CPA), the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Bank Indonesia, and Banking. Each student is given the opportunity to conduct internship activities at both Bank Indonesia, Financial Institution Authority (OJK) and in both conventional and islamic banking.

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Bachelors in Financial Management and Islamic Banking Study Program:

Finance of Islamic Banking

Human resource needs for the Islamic finance and banking industry, especially in the Asean Economic Community era are increasingly high. This study program aims to produce the best human resources in the field of finance and Islamic banking in Indonesia from now on to welcome the era of 2025. The implementation of innovative, creative education and teaching with integrity and morality in the field of Islamic finance and banking is highly emphasized in order to meet the market needs and can be beneficial to society in general and especially to the Islamic finance industry.

In addition to the above, honing student skills and competencies as well as synergies other than education as well as research and community service are essential to produce high quality graduates so that career opportunities will be wide open and the potential to be absorbed in the work field is higher. For the world of Islamic finance industry, the role of islamic finance and banking scholars is always needed not only in the banking finance sector but also in the Islamic economic sector in general. This is a challenge to be more competent in all matters because actually Islamic economics scholars can enter all lines. Knowledge of the two fields of science both economically and from the islamic side of the muamalah is also very much needed to be honed.

The Islamic Finance and Banking Management Study Program, which was just inaugurated in 2016, focuses on one concentration, Finance and Islamic Banking. Nevertheless, the interest and enthusiasm of the students has been very visible since the study program was initiated.

IBS Islamic Banking and Financial Management Study Program is determined to produce graduates who have competence in the field of Islamic economics, are religious, independent, and have integrity so they can cooperate and contribute at the national level and run the education system by maintaining quality levels in accordance with the needs of the islamic financial industry and strives to have students who think critically, analytically, focusing on research and can implement knowledge about Islamic economics that is Rahmatan lil alamin which begins with intensive internships in Islamic banks and non-bank institutions, as well as other institutions that carry out islamic values ​​in their businesses.

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