Dr. Muliaman D. Hadad
Duta Besar Republik Indonesia di Swiss

In order to create an integrated ASEAN economy community, we need qualified human resources who have the competence and skills in the field of economy and finance. Therefore, we welcome IBS that has cooperated with banks to focus on creating a ready workforce in the field of financial banking.

Dr. Aviliani
Anggota Dewan Pakar Asosiasi Pemerintahan Provinsi Seluruh Indonesia (APPSI)

Competency Based Human Resources and ready workforce are needed in the workplace both in the national and international levels. However, not many educational institutions have the capacity to fulfill them. The presence of IBS is able to create qualified and professional human resources who have the competence in the field of finance and banking. This is because IBS is supported by lecturers who are bankers, regulators, and professionals who have experience in the field of finance and banking. It is also supported with an internship program for its students and a teaching method which is balanced between theory and practice that increase the advantage for its graduates.

Yuslam Fauzi Ketua Dewan Pengawas Badan Pengelola Keuangan Haji (BPKH) dan Mantan Dirut Bank Syariah Mandiri

We realize that the human resources in syaria banking in terms of quality, competence, and integrity are still lacking. Therefore, cooperation between the syaria banks and IBS is one way to solve the three problems above. The cooperation includes composing the curriculum and selecting the lecturers to match the needs of the market.

Dian Puspita Sari Citibank Indonesia (Alumni)

IBS has given me the knowledge and skills by undergoing a certificated banking training and a full- day school system that gave me the discipline, and the integrity that is the fundamental principle ingrained from the beginning.