IT’S DRIVER Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the property market is one of the sectors that has had the worst impact. A number of related parties, ranging from developers, agents, to third parties, also felt the shock of the crisis due to the impact of this pandemic.

On the other hand, the problem of the housing sector and the housing sector in Indonesia today is related to affordability, because the purchasing power of the people, especially those from the lower class, is very unable to get a decent home.

Bank Tabungan Negara TbK, a bank that focuses on housing finance , as the mission of PT BTN TbK, which is to play an active role in supporting the housing sector, both from the supply side and from the demand side, which is integrated into the housing sector in Indonesia.

So the presentation from PT BTN TbK will provide a deep discourse on the seminar entitled “The Housing Sector and Its Financing as an Economic Driver”.

In this webinar, the resource person is Mr. Pahala Mansury, President Director of PT Bank Tabungan Negara and will be moderated by Mr. Dr. Untoro Kayatnan, who is the Director of P3M STIE Indonesia Banking School.