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“The Prospect of Insurtech in Increasing Indonesian Public Financial Inclusion”

Currently, the development of InsurTech in Indonesia is still not very high when compared to fintech, especially online lending platforms. Online loans are developing rapidly because they provide access for people to get cash quickly. This is different from the insurance system, where people need to pay money regularly in the form of insurance premiums and benefits that cannot be felt instantly. The great potential in society related to the use of InsurTech has not been fully utilized. With the existence of InsurTech, it is hoped that it can encourage increased use of insurance products by providing micro insurance products that are simple and integrated with e-commerce platforms to make it easier for consumers to access insurance products.

One of the insurtech companies, namely the Polis Market, has been present in Indonesia since 2015 to revolutionize insurance, which has been known as luxury. However, by utilizing the latest technology, the demand for insurance is expected to increase with the presence of insurtech.

Considering the important role of InsurTech in increasing Indonesian Public Financial Inclusion, STIE Indonesia Banking School invited Mr. Cleosent Randing, Founder & CEO of PasarPolis Indonesia as the main resource in the Public Lecture National Webinar.