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Edi Komara, SE,. M.Si

Head of Management Study Program

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“Becoming an Excellent Management Study Program in the fields of Management, Finance and Banking in ASEAN in 2025.”


  1. Carrying out educational programs in the fields of management, finance, and banking that have integrity, knowledge expansion and skills development that are able to compete in the ASEAN region in 2025.
  2. Carry out management research and development activities, in order to contribute to the development of management disciplines, as well as practical benefits for the world of business, finance and banking at the National and ASEAN regions.
  3. Carry out community service activities by utilizing scientific management, especially in the fields of finance and banking and management of institutions to increase added value for the community.
  4. Establish synergy cooperation with various institutions in the country and the ASEAN region.

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“The activity is really cool because I can learn how Bank Indonesia practices, especially in carrying out its monetary policy in the regions. And also I am adding knowledge about macroeconomics.”

Putri Alysa Larasati (Manajemen 2016)

Program Invitasi: Bank Indonesia, Bandung

“There are a lot of new experiences I got at Bank Indonesia ranging from work experience with its employees to provision of lessons. In this invitational program I can also learn independently and greatly hone skills in the world of work.”

Ranjani Sabrina Mayangsari (Manajement 2016)
Program Invitasi: Bank Indonesia, Jambi

This program has 3 concentrations, namely Finance, Human Resources and Marketing which are designed in a manner link and match with the needs of human resources in the labor industry to provide an understanding of the world of business, companies and banking. IBS graduates have added value because they take part in certification and apprenticeship programs at banks and receive technical and managerial training in the field of bank management and the financial industry.

  1. Producing bachelors in management with high integrity, knowledgeable knowledge, competence, national insight, and have a high level of concern for their environment.
  2. Producing sustainable scientific innovations in the fields of management, finance and banking that are taken into account at the national, regional levels.
  3. Increase community service activities by utilizing management science, especially in finance and banking as well as institutional management to increase added value to society.
  4. The establishment of mutually beneficial synergistic cooperation between the Management Study Program and the business world, the banking financial industry as well as associations and communities in society in order to achieve a better level of welfare.
  5. Developing a conducive academic system and atmosphere, by improving technology-based facilities and infrastructure.

Subjects for the undergraduate program in the field of management are given according to the competencies to be achieved, namely:

  1. Taqwa to God Almighty, has a steady and independent personality and is socially and nationally responsible, including Religious Education and Citizenship Education
  2. Professional and committed to implementing professional code of ethics, including Business Ethics, including Banker Ethics and Leadership.
  3. Able to analyze the Indonesian economy, development economics and in particular the impact on the banking industry, including Introduction to Economics, Economic Theory, Introduction to Economic Development, and the Indonesian Economy.
  4. Able to evaluate developments in economic and monetary potential, as well as their impact on the banking and financial industry in general, including central banking (including monetary economics), investment management, money markets and non-bank financial institutions.
  5. Able to understand and implement policies in company management in general, including Introduction to Management, Introduction to Business, Financial Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Accounting, Cost Accounting, and Management Information Systems.
  6. Able to understand and apply the main principles of business activities and bank management, including Credit Management, Sharia Banking, Funding & ALMA, Bank Accounting, Risk Management, and International Financial Management.
  7. Able to understand and utilize quantitative analysis needed to support success in studying related subjects, such as Economic Mathematics, Business Mathematics, Statistics, and Business Feasibility Studies.
  8. Able to understand and utilize various means of communication and information, including: Business Communication, English and Computer Applications.

Regular Track

For prospective students who have an average grade of SMA / SMK / equivalent report cards, below 75 are required to take the IBS Computer Based TEST (ICBT).

ICBT Walk-in: Monday-Friday, 09.00-14.30 and Saturday, 09.00-14.30 (except holidays)


Prospective students who have completed the administrative stages either through the achievement route or the regular route will continue to the interview stage. It is advisable to include parents / guardians.

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Curriculum Structure

Semester 1

No Subject
1 Introduction to Microeconomics
2 Introduction to Business
3 Introduction to Accounting I
4 English I
5 Religious
6 Education Citizenship Education
7 Mathematical Economics

Semester 2

No Subject
1 Introduction to Macroeconomics
2 Introduction to Accounting II
3 Introduction to Banking & Lemb. Non-Bank Finance
4 Statistics
5 Business and Banking Law
6 Indonesian
7 Introduction to Management

Semester 3

No Subjects
1 Micro Economic Theory
2 Leadership & Organizational Culture
3 Management Information Systems
4 Financial
5 ManagementMarketing
6 Management HR Management
7 Business Communication

Semester 4

No Subject
1 Macroeconomic
2 Theory Decision Making Theory
3 Cost Accounting
4 Managerial Economics
5 Entrepreneurship
6 Islamic Bank
7 Management Credit Management

Semester 5

No Subject
1 Indonesian Economy
2 English II
3 Business Ethics
4 Organizational Behavior
5 Operational Management
6 Funding and ALMA

Semester 6

No Subject
1 Central Banking
2 Management Research Methodology
3 Strategic Management
4 Business Feasibility Study
5 Applied Economics
6 Compulsory Concentration Subjects (one)

Marketing : Marketing Bank Services

Financial : International Finance

HR : HR Planning

Sharia : Sharia Bank Products and Services I

7 Compulsory Concentration Subjects (one)

Marketing : Integrated Marketing Communication

Finance : Investment

HR Management HR Procurement Management

Sharia : Financing

Semester 7

No Subject
1 Internship

Semester 8

No Subject
1 Concentration Compulsory Subject (one)

Marketing :Marketing Research:

Financial Financial Report Analysis

HR : Management Training & Development of Human Resources

Islamic : Products and Services of Sharia Bank II

2 Compulsory Concentration Subjects (one)

Marketing : Marketing Digital

Finance : Risk Management Banking

HR :Performance Management

Sharia : Sharia Marketing

3 International Banking
4 Thesis

Lecturer teaching