Effect of Compensation, Working Condition and Burnout

September 10, 2022

Written by: RF

Effect of Compensation, Working Condition and Burnout on Turnover Intention: Palm Oil Plantation in East Kalimantan Indonesia Case

Jimmy S. Hadi & Ahmad Adriansyah
Magister Management, Indonesia Banking School, Jakarta, Indonesia


This study aims to investigate the determinants of turnover intention among plantation workers in a palm oil company in East Kalimantan. Based on the literature, this research hypothesizes that compensation, working condition, and burnout are related to turnover intention. A total of 195 questionnaires were returned from plantation workers. Data analysis used Structural Equation Model and Amos Application, The research explained that burnout has a positive and significant effect on turnover intention. Surprisingly, compensation and working conditions have no significant direct impact on turnover intention. Based on this study, the company should make sure that all employees do not experience burnout. A company should have facilities to prevent burnout such as sports and recreation facilities. It can be used by employees and their families during off-working hours, to increase the closer relationship between superiors and subordinates. Another facility that is considered important in reducing burnout is the quality of internet Wi-Fi at the respondent’s residence.

Keywords: Turnover intention, Burnout, Working condition, Compensation.



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